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How to Prioritise Customer Opportunities

It's fairly easy to spot pain points and un-addressed needs that customers have but harder to prioritise them. Here I outline a simple framework to help product teams prioritise opportunities in a robust way.

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A Guide to Using Opportunity Solution Trees

An overview of what opportunity solution trees are and how to use them to improve product teams' product discovery activities.

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Why Product Managers should drive customer research

Some Product Managers rely on quantitative data or research reports for product work. In this article I argue that this doesn't work - and why it's critical for their teams' success that Product Managers drive customer research.

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How to get into Product Management

How can you get your first product job? In this article I explain the four most common routes and give a few tips on setting yourself up well for success in the job.

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Product Managers Discuss Roundtable

A wide-ranging discussion covering teams, discovery and innovation.

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A talk on setting up teams to build great products as regulations evolve

A few learnings and tips for setting up product teams to be successful in rapidly changing environments.

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ProductTank London June 2020 - Building health tech products when the rules are still being written

A talk on how to build tech products when the rules are still being written.

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